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Rapid Platforms

Rapid Platforms came to us to overhaul everything about their web presence. Rapid had a old and dated non- responsive web site and a disjointed marketing campaign, We have produced them a web site that works beautifuly and seemlessly on all devices and created them a unified and focused marketing campaign.

  • CLIENT Rapid Platforms
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  • WE DID Web Design and Marketing


NYO are such a fun and vibrant company, selling some of the most vibrant gift on the market. With their unique style and eclectic catalogue NYO wanted a web design agency to match. We produced a vibrant site with as much colour we could muster and imagery that spoke loudly of life and fun. NYO loved their design and continued with Pint Sized Giants after the launch with their ongoing marketing efforts concentrating on social marketing, paid adverts, SEO and infographics NYO have a strong future ahead.

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  • WE DID Web Design and Marketing

Fanciful Fox

Fanciful fox have had many web sites from Pint Sized Giants over the years and the latest edition is no exception. As always we have produced a fully responsive web site which exudes high quality and design taste. Fanciful Fox, continue to work with Pint Sized Giants and their Bedford SEO team on their ongoing marketing efforts and continue to go from strength to strength.

  • CLIENT Fanciful Fox
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  • WE DID Web Design Graphics and Marketing

Circus Day Nursery - Web Design and SEO

Circus Day Nursery came to us needing a new website designed to replace their old tired site, our creative Bedford web design team jumped at he chance to produce a site which by its very nature is fun and colourful. We love the opportunity to design site that are different and colour fl and circus day was a treat to produce. Once completed circus day could not have been happier and so enlisted our Bedford SEO team on an ongoing basis to ensure they stay in front of the game.

  • CLIENT Circus Day Nursery
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  • WE DID Web Design and SEO

Bumble Bees - Web Design and Marketing

Bumble Bees is a local Commercial Landscaping Contractor in Milton Keynes. They have a wide range of clients, everything from and single use property such as a Health Centre through to larger office buildings and then Industrial estates. They came to us with a very old website in desperate need of updating and a real need to market their business for growth. our Bedford based web design team designed them a refocussed pictorial site with a huge emphasis on showcasing the work they had done.


We've worked with Bumble Bees closely to get the marketing right, from the messaging on the site, SEO, content marketing through to writing and managing the paid ads.

  • CLIENT Bumble Bees Ltd
  • URL
  • WE DID Web Design and Marketing

Woodstock Roofing

Woodstock Roofing has been one of our earliest customers. They’re roofing company operating across the vast majority of central England. Woodstock needed an entire overhaul of their website and marketing strategy. We have built many iterations of his website and managed his marketing efforts across PPC, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, graphic design and brochures.

Woodstock has enjoyed a sustained period of stability and growth and we look forward to our continued work with Woodstock Roofing


  • CLIENT Woodstock Roofing Ltd
  • URL
  • WE DID Web Design and Marketing


The Online Academy of Irish Music (OAIM) came to us with a unique problem. First and foremost, they needed a great looking website to advertise their product. In addition to this, their product platform was lacking. Finally, they needed to market their product to enable company growth.

Each of these come with their own challenges

Website Front-End

As with every new website we need to look at firstly the brand already established and decide how best to communicate the product/s to existing clients as well as new prospect clients. We spent a good few weeks working with the OAIM team to get this right with a brief on creating a new clean and crisp website, light in colour, whilst retaining an influence from the original brand. We needed to achieve this without losing focus on the core product and the path to conversion. This is a challenge for every company we work with and one where we feel Pint Sized Giants typically excels. We believe we created OAIM a clean new look that enables the potential customer to sign up and start using the OAIM platform.

Web Site Video Platform

The biggest challenge for OAIM was their old platform which was no longer fit for purpose. With our partners we helped OAIM develop an entire new video leaning platform to deliver their courses. The platform was designed to be easy to use with new 'sticky' features to maximise customer retention.

Marketing and Company Growth

Once the platform was complete we designed and delivered an ongoing marketing strategy to promote new growth for the company. This strategy was designed around a strong social presence good SEO practices and a strong email marketing campaign. OAIM have been thrilled with the results reporting to us the company is growing from strength to strength.

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  • WE DID Web Design and Marketing

House of Batteries - Web Design and Marketing

House of Batteries have been great to work with. As a battery wholesaler providing large scale battery supply to some of the biggest and most well-known high street brands they were and still very focused on company growth. They required an entire overhaul of their brand.

Pint Sized Giants have re-branded the company, designed and built the website and manages House of Batteries ongoing marketing across the entire estate. We are currently working on further brands within the company’s fold. Our marketing activities include SEO, content marketing, email marketing, CRO, brochure design, PPC management, and more.

  • CLIENT House of Batteries Ltd
  • URL
  • WE DID Marketing, Branding, and Web Design

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