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Get Genuine Leads With PPC Advertising

Help your customers find you online with Pay Per Click advertising.
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Pay Per Click Advertising

Delivering Nationwide, Operating From Bedford

At Pint Sized Giants we understand that marketing your business online has become harder due to overcrowding, with everyone using online tactics to compete. Using pay per click Google ads and Facebook ads to stand above the crowd has become ever more difficult to perfect, and increasingly more crucial to helping your business stand out. Most of our clients find that pay per click advertising works well in giving their business a boost on Google page rankings, especially when combined with organic SEO listings. 

Paid for ads can be tricky to do well if you haven’t experienced them before, as they take a lot of the time and can be confusing when it comes to bidding for your Google ad or Facebook ad positions. Consequently, many businesses end up spending more money than they need to. Hiring a marketing agency such as ourselves can benefit your online business growth, as we take care of the whole PPC marketing campaign for you, so you don’t need to worry.

As the world gets more competitive, new tools have come into place whilst old tools have been left along the wayside. As new channels of Google PPC and social advertising channels have become more popular, promoting your business has become more intricate, with it becoming increasingly more important to use the "paid-for” listings to stand above the crowd. Producing quality PPC advertising from our offices in Bedford, we get to know your business in order to produce Google adverts and Facebook ad campaigns that are successful in getting you more website visitors and inevitably sales.

Google Adverts & Your Business

Get The Most Out Of Your Google And Facebook Ads

Doing paid ads well is an art form. The trick is to get the best conversion rate balanced against your click spend. Anyone can spend a lot of money on their Google or Facebook ads and get some conversion, but the trick is to spend less and get the same conversion rate. Once you get this right, the cost for growth can be measured and predicted, giving you the power to spend more or less and be able to calculate and predict your online growth.

Modern technology is great and has offered new channels for company growth, however there is no silver bullet to Google and Facebook marketing. What works for one business is not guaranteed to work for another. To create a good PPC marketing strategy, you need to have a good understanding of who your business is trying to communicate with, and build a strategy around what works for other companies in your sector. Luckily for you, Pint Sized Giants has an aray of clients from all different industries, and a team of PPC marketers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. With our knowledge and your commitment, we can create a Pay Per Click advertising campaign that brings your business the customers it needs, and fast! 

Companies worked with

OUR Portfolio

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    Rapid Platforms
    Rapid Platforms came to us to overhaul everything about their web presence. Rapid had a old and dated non- responsive
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    NYO are such a fun and vibrant company, selling some of the most vibrant gift on the market. With their


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