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Greater reach, better insight, intelligent decision-making

FledgeSuite™ brings all your marketing sales and operational tasks into a single platform, meaning all your team are working together on one perfectly managed data set. Everyone across the business sees the same data as everyone else in a single easy to use system. And all in real time. From marketing analytical data, sales data, product data, operational task data,  FledgeSuite™ manages it all.

When you have access to all your company data in one place, your business can not only identify better leads and grow but you can better manage all aspects of your company through informed information instead of guess work.

Just a few of the core modules available

Marketing Automation
Lead Identification
Sales Tools
User Journey Tracking
Easy to Use CRM
Easy to Use Workflow
Heat Mapping
Content Manager
  • Outreach and engagement

    Learn what individual customers want, and provide content and offers to them wherever they are. We can help unify your marketing giving it flexibility and purpose using the built-in tools of FledgeSuite™. You'll benefit from providing your customers with authentic experience that respond to their buying patterns and user behaviors.

  • Attract and convert

    FledgeSuite™ allows us to decide the 'next best action' to encourage prospects to further engage with your website and campaign. Using a combination of data and experience, we ca transform insights into more effective marketing messages, content, and offers.

  • Research and know

    Sales people, business owners and stake holders can gain far better insight into customer behaviour than ever before. With visitor data, IP data, customer interaction data, mail list click throughs and opens, social campaign tracking, product purchase history as well as your workflow, ERP, and CRM.

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Identify more leads

More than just IP tracking. Identify existing customers and new prospects from existing marketing and sales efforts.

Supercharge marketing

Packed with tools to reach more customers, as well as confidently assessing the effectiveness of each campaign.

Utilise your data

All your critical data in one place, allows stakeholders an unprecedented view on their business data.

Bridge the Gap with FledgeSuite™

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