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SEO in 2016: What your company must consider for the upcoming year

30 Sep 2016

Each year there are new developments and tactics for search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing in general. As the market continually evolves and as more customers change how they are researching, buying and even learning about new products, it is important that your business is aware of some of the major changes coming into the world of marketing, and the changes that could affect your overall SEO strategy.

The good news regarding the changes that are expected is that many of them, as of yet, have not come to fruition. However, it is vital that your business is aware of some of the changes and takes the necessary steps to get ahead of the curve and ahead of your competitors.

Going mobile

It is widely predicted that in the next year, mobile browsing will be the main way that people research, purchase and communicate with companies. According to some marketing firms, mobile is now the number one way that people visit and browse websites. The move to mobile means that firms will need to ensure their site is mobile friendly.

According to data, 85% of the time spent on mobile devices is in app form. This could have a significant impact on SEO strategy with firms potentially putting an emphasis on in-app content and more marketers linking to specific pages within apps rather than online pages.

Emphasis on social

Social is playing an increasingly important part in all aspects of digital marketing, especially SEO. Facebook and Twitter have recently had updates which allow users to read articles and blogs while remaining on the site/social platform. While this development may be beneficial for the user, it has a significant impact on SEO strategy.

As a result of the change, there will be a reduction in traffic being directed back to the site from social media. That means things such as likes, shares and comments are more vital to your SEO ranking and social connections and mentions may become a bigger factor in determining search ranking.

Google has developed more answers

Significant changes in Google updates could also have a major impact on SEO. In some cases, Google is now offering the response to questions at the top of the page rather than collating the most trusted content. These "rich answers" mean that often users do not research through sites to find the answer they are looking for. Users can simply ask a question, search and have the instant answer without going to a site.

Why enlist specialists for SEO and digital marketing?

Although there are many changes predicted to come, many aspects of SEO will remain the same. Content will remain of vital importance, with high-quality content still being rewarded by more positive search rankings. Videos and other types of digital content will still be one of the key ways to build content. According to some research firms, a video is 50 times more likely to garner organic page ranks via Google than text. To stay up to date with your SEO marketing and to get the most from your content, you should enlist the help of Pint Sized Giants. Our SEO and digital marketing specialists can offer you tailored advice, content and digital strategy to boost your overall performance, SEO profile and online ranking.

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