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Putting your personality into your new website

30 Sep 2016

One of the hardest things about developing your business online is getting your personality across in a welcoming way. There is very fine line between warm and informal, and just downright unprofessional – too many exclamation marks are often a key culprit…

Finding a web designer who understands the way you work as a business, and who can incorporate your personality into the design of your website and landing pages, is key to having a site that reflects who you are. Consistency is a must, setting your tone of voice and image style, and maintaining your online appearance.

Happily, if you already exist as a ‘real-world’ business, rather than an online start-up, then some of this work is already done for you! You will know your customers, the tone of voice that they expect and how you interact with them, and it’s ‘simply’ a matter of taking that online with you. You will have existing branding to work with and a recognisable presence, and from there you need to translate that to the screen, along with adding in the functionality you are looking for to take your business to the next level.

If, on the other hand, you’re a new business, you have the fun and excitement of deciding who you want to be. You are literally a blank (landing) page, and you can fill it however you want. Working with a web design company who can respect your individuality, while combining that with their knowledge of the field, will be a real help to you. They will be able to guide you to the right platform for your needs, whether that’s e-commerce, blogging or member areas and fully customise it for you. This way you’ll be on top of current trends but immediately recognisable to your client base.

For both business types, established and new, it’s import to maintain your personality across the website. This becomes harder if you stock a selection of different ranges for example, and you might want to consider setting up micro sites for these – keeping the branding consistent but allowing each range its own space to develop. As we said before, consistency is key!

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