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Why you shouldn't ask mobile users to log in too early

30 Sep 2016

Capturing your customers’ information can add real value to your business for many reasons. By asking website visitors to log in or enter their information, you can understand the profile of your customer base, impact the content you serve to each visitor or initiate a point of purchase to help bring in those all important sales.

But when is the right time to capture this information? If you ask the customer too early, they may not feel willing enough to enter their details in order to progress to the next stage. If you ask the customer too late, you lose any opportunity of optimising the content on your site based on their profile.

The numbers

• On average, mobile users represent almost 50% of web visits, and when driven to web from email, this figure rises to over 50%.
• Up to 80% of mobile customers drop off their web journey if asked to enter details at the wrong time.
• On the other hand, around 80% of mobile customers who did enter their details continued with a purchase or additional interaction.

Mixed messages: so what should you do?

In most cases, websites do not differentiate their content based on customer information, so the solution is simple – do not prevent your customer from continuing their user journey by asking them to log in or enter their details until it is absolutely necessary to progress, such as when making an online purchase. Some websites even differentiate their journey using device detection, with a lesser push for data capture on mobile due to high drop-off rates.

Give your customers options

The neatest way of striking a balance is simple – always give your customer the option to enter their details, but never make it the only option. You should include a tidy one-liner to demonstrate the value of entering their details, for example: “Answer 5 simple questions about you and we’ll make recommendations while you browse”.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to tailor your web journey to your goals. If your goal is to keep customers engaged with your website for as long as possible, then create a series of clear call to actions and avoid a log in page. If you are all about web conversions and data capture, then be strategic when deciding the time to ask for data, ensuring you don’t lose too many of your “lazier” mobile customers!

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