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How to keep up with social media marketing

30 Sep 2016

Social media marketing can play a vital part in brand building and in making a customer feel associated with a company. With more people than ever using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the emphasis placed on social marketing for businesses has never been greater.

However, the role of digital marketing and the part that social media plays in our everyday life is continually changing. According to a recent poll, more than 82% of customers used social media via their mobile phones when in a store to analyse their potential purchase. It is the development of new social media platforms for marketers and the ease of access to customers (via mobile) that has made social media marketing so essential.

As new generations continually use social media to relate to companies and mobile browsing continues to grow, having a strong social strategy will be paramount. Many experts have stated that in the near future, those working in SEO should no longer measure mobile and desktop browsing separately, but rather measure them as one as the difference will be nominal.

Why use experts when developing a social media strategy?

According to a recent poll carried out by AdWeek, 98% of Fortune 500 companies are using social media to build their brand and engage customers with their content marketing and product. This highlights one of the main issues with social marketing, and that is the fact that everyone is doing it. The vast majority of those operating social media accounts for businesses read the same blogs, apply the same tactics and struggle to stand out in a sea of social media activity.

Companies should know their limits, set realistic targets, be committed to developing social strategies and be consistent on social media. Sadly, this is much easier said than done and a poor social marketing strategy for companies can be detrimental to an organisation's digital marketing.

At Pint Sized Giants, we offer tailored advice and use our expert knowledge to make you truly stand out from the crowd. We can help you engage with potential customers by creating a relevant and effective social media strategy as well as offering support in content marketing, email marketing campaigns and SEO management. To improve your overall online performance and to outperform your competitors, contact us today.

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