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How good PR is becoming good content marketing

30 Sep 2016

How good PR is becoming good content marketing

In years gone by, a public relations agency would have one major function: to act as a buffer between their clients and journalists, looking after their media relations and hopefully securing them some positive coverage.

Being a sector that thinks quickly on its feet, PR agencies have noticed the massive growth of content marketing in recent years, in line with the UK's changing ways of consuming media - from offline to online. This is why they are now trying to muscle in on content marketing, but the truth is, both content marketing and PR borrow a lot from one another.

After all, when your company launches a blog, for instance, it will most likely have a dual purpose. On the one hand it serves as a powerful SEO tool if marketed effectively, containing keywords, driving visitors to your website, and giving you a chance to include affiliate links in exchange for citations on other sites. But there is no denying the PR value a blog has. It is a chance to showcase your knowledge of your sector and update the world on your company news.

The same can be said of traditionally placed PR stories, which are published on news sites on the internet. While they have the core PR value of being positive coverage for your company, written editorially rather than being a paid advert, they can also provide content marketing value, especially when links are brought into the equation.

It is widely accepted in the SEO world, for instance, that achieving a 'follow' link to your website from a well-read, respected news source such as a national newspaper site, can serve as a Google rankings boost. If at all possible, whenever your company is mentioned on news sites, ask the editor if they are able to include a link to your site. You might notice a subsequent rise up the rankings!

So as ever in marketing circles, the lines between two different strands become blurred as the media landscape develops. By sticking to best practices in both PR and content marketing, we are probably achieving two objectives for the price of one!

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