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Going old school: Email marketing - 3 points to consider

30 Sep 2016

Despite living in a world where social media marketing has come to dominate modern business theory, in practice, the 'old' methods are still the best. Considering that a study from Litmus suggests that 82% of consumers open emails sent by companies, the power and potential of email marketing has yet to be fully mined.

To run a successful email campaign, it's important to understand some key principles:

1) Click-to-open rate

Not all emails are created equal. While some industries attract a higher click-to-open rate due to their subject nature - for example, consumer products and travel agencies - there are other industries which struggle more. Statistics show that in industries like automobiles and transport, the click-to-open rate can be as low as 0.3% (based on the bottom quartile performance).

2) Look beyond the numbers

While it can bring great satisfaction to know that lots of people have read your carefully crafted email, if this doesn't lead to conversions - either a sale, or a click-through to your website - the impact of your message hasn't been delivered to its highest potential. Always keep track of your click-through rate, and start to benchmark against your industry average and your past performance. This will help you tailor your content to the desires of your audience, experiment with new ideas, and understand what works best for your business.

3) The value of specialists

Email marketing is very much an art. While most marketers have a broad grasp of what makes a desirable message, hiring a specialist like Pint Sized Giants is an excellent way to save you time and money. At Pint Sized Giants, we have provided companies of all sizes with new opportunities as a result of our intuitive email campaigning. From a small start-up with no track record achieving four times more leads than the industry standard, to building long-term relationships with clients and targeting customers using unique demographic segmentation, we provide a time and cost effective way of bringing new business to your door.

If you're interested in the lasting potential of email marketing - a concept that is proven best by test - we would be delighted to hear more about your business needs.

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