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How can content marketing develop business leads?

30 Sep 2016

Many businesses have embraced content marketing as a way to raise brand awareness, develop their relationship with customers and attempt to gain more business, with over 90% of B2B companies carrying out some form of content marketing and 38% of B2B companies believing that their content marketing offering is effective.

For many businesses, content marketing is seen as the perfect way not only to expand their reach but also to generate leads and attract new clients.

The sales funnel

The marketing or sales funnel has three key stages, with the first being raising awareness. This can be done through a number of ways such as SEO, email marketing and social media marketing. Nurturing clients is the second stage with content marketing helping to educate and retain potential customers with interesting blog posts and relevant marketing. The third key section of the modern day sales funnel is making a commitment, which eventually leads to a client opting to enlist the help and support of your company. With the final two stages being key to generating business, how does content marketing play an important role in generating business leads, and what offerings can be created to improve overall reach?

Gated content and whitepapers

Many companies produce whitepapers and ebooks with the aim of simply getting as many emails and downloads as possible to raise awareness of their brand and have a larger contact list. However, when creating such content, companies should have more than just obtaining email addresses in mind. Content should be well thought out and have a key target demographic. The content offering should focus on crucial individuals and parties that will be relevant to your business, rather than simply anyone who will enter their email. By doing this, a company will generate much more relevant business leads that could result in eventual conversions.


While a newsletter can be a powerful tool, sadly, they can often become worthless tools if not well managed. A newsletter should be seen as a reward for customers rather than something they have to grin and bear. Companies should offer bespoke and unique content to those subscribed to their newsletter to offer a reason and incentive to sign up. To develop more business and generate leads, a call to action should be in each section of the newsletter, making sure that all offerings are covered, giving potential customers a reason to get in touch.


Such a tactic can also be used to generate leads by encouraging an email address or contact details to be entered in exchange for a prize or discount. Promotions can be an effective way to generate some potential leads in a quick fashion. It is important not to offer such deals too often as it can damage brand image.

High-quality, relevant content should entice the reader to use your service, especially if marketed at the right clients. As Gary Vaynerchuck said: “Content is King, but marketing is Queen, and she runs the household", so it is important that you manage both to create relevant and insightful content and distribute it to the right readership. To truly stand out from the crowd, enlist the help of our digital marketing experts by getting in touch with the Pint Sized Giants team today.

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