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The start is before the launch: four key ways to jump-start SEO before a site launch

30 Sep 2016

There is a common misconception that SEO should be carried out only once a site is live, updated with content and when the rush that is often associated with a launch has passed. However, SEO can be an essential tool to get your site performing and raise awareness of your brand before your site is even live.

There are many steps that you can take to ensure that your site launch is not only smooth, but that you get the best possible impact either from launching a new site, or relaunching a newly branded website.

1. Optimise and create a "Coming Soon" page

It takes time for search engines to recognise a web page, so the sooner you have an optimised "Coming Soon" page, the sooner you will be found by engines such as Google. Your page should have a contact point, brand building features and a way to connect with users. When launching a site, the sooner you appear on search engines, the sooner you can be found. Algorithms do not care about what the site is showing, but the quality of the page, so by starting off earlier than the launch with high-quality content and features, it should help your site hit the ground running.

2. Get content ready

Have at least ten optimised, high-quality blog posts ready to go live. Web crawlers will seek to index your site as soon as possible, so you should provide plenty of information-rich content which will aid your overall ranking and improve the customer experience.

3. Link to social media

Link your pages to social media profiles to boost traffic to your site and to further your online authority. Before your launch, it is beneficial to have a strong social media performance to attract a ready audience. This, in turn, should help secure relationships with customers through social marketing and high-quality content.

4. Optimise all pages

Just because all pages may not be live does not mean that they can't be finished. Make sure each page has relevant headings and calls to action, and that the meta tags and other back-end aspects are optimised. While you do not need to out-do one page to the next, it is important that each page is relevant, attractive to the reader and attractive to search engines.

SEO is one of the most vital tools you have in your content marketing arsenal, so make sure that if you are launching a site, you get off to the best possible start by enlisting our team of experts. Contact us today using our online contact form.

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