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Why you should tell your brand's story

30 Sep 2016

When we're children, we learn about the world through stories. We love nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and, as we grow up, we read books and newspapers. Best-selling author Philip Pullman, who wrote the His Dark Materials trilogy, said: “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

Here are a few excellent reasons why you should tell your business story on your website, in blogs, and on social media:

It builds relationships

Telling your brand's story sets you apart from the other companies in your field. These days, a quick Google search can usually uncover dozens of other companies doing the same thing, or something very similar. Unique selling points have become more and more difficult to define. Yet, you do have a powerful unique selling point: your story. It's about how you started out, and why, what your dreams were, and what you've achieved. It's also about your vision for the future, and how your customers fit into that. Telling your story allows your potential customers to understand you, and begin to build a relationship with you and your brand.

It builds trust

It's that old business process: know, like, trust. Potential customers begin to know you, begin to like you, and start to trust you. Without these three stages, people aren't going to part with their money. With them, you could be making excellent customers who will bring you repeat business.

It builds your brand

Everything you do is your brand, from answering the phone and replying to emails, to your logo and website, and how you deal with customer complaints. Your story helps define your brand in a positive way, so take control of it.

It keeps existing customers in touch

Sharing your story on social media reminds your existing customers of your services, and encourages them back for repeat business. Couple that with good service, and your customers turn into brand ambassadors. There's nothing quite like free advertising!

It creates a shared experience and taps into emotion

Long after a purchase price has been forgotten, your customers remember the experience you gave them. If that experience was good, and your story is at the heart of it, they'll remember you for all the right reasons. Many people choose one product over another for emotional reasons - perhaps nostalgia for a brand they shared with their parents, great memories of buying something with their friends or families, or the feeling of independence a product or services has brought them. Positive emotions are powerful sales tools.

A story is more likely to be shared

Going back to how hard-wired we are for storytelling, that fact also means we're much more likely to share a good story than cold facts or figures. We're always looking for context, a way of giving statistics meaning. When it comes to spreading the word about your business, people want to see a story. It reduces resistance and allows people to hear your message.

So, what's your story?

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