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Why the story is everything for Generation C

30 Sep 2016

You have probably heard of Generation X and Generation Y but now you need to be thinking about Generation C. "C" stands for connected. This is the Youtube generation. Mostly, but not strictly, between the ages of 18 and 34, this generation is dramatically shaping the direction of culture, commerce and consumerism.

Generation C doesn't respond to traditional marketing techniques. They take recommendations from friends and peers rather than from companies themselves. They are always connected, lives changed by the advancement in mobile technology.

Think about the 'Zoella effect'. This ordinary girl from a sleepy corner of south west England started making Youtube videos. She was talking about her favourite lipstick and sharing her latest clothing haul from Primark. She engaged with her audience as though she were just a teenager chatting to her best friend on a girl's night in. Except, instead of just her best friend, she is now talking to her tens of millions of followers.

Zoella's social media reach is significantly bigger than almost any brand. Generation C don't want to hear a company talk about how great their product is anymore. They want to engage with somebody they trust and hear them talk about how much they love something. As a result, social media influencers, like Zoella, present huge opportunities for brands trying to market products and services.

Generation C don't care so much about cost; they care about cause. They want to engage with the values behind your brand and they want to be part of your story, and this is where content marketing comes in. You have to be able to effectively tell a story in order for people to believe in it.

Participation is key. Encourage followers to exercise real influence, for instance voting on a new logo, flavour or colour. As we see a growth in brand ambassador marketing and social media influencers being charged with creating content for their favourite brands, the traditional consumer-supplier relationship is dissolving rapidly. Generation C want to have a say. They want to be part of the movement.

Generation C isn't defined by birth year. Its demographic is difficult to put on paper. This is a way of life and understanding it could have untold results for your business.

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