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3 content marketing mistakes that can damage your business

30 Sep 2016

When it comes to content marketing, there are many important tools and tactics to take into account. Effective content marketing can increase brand development, online performance and business leads. Despite the importance of content marketing and digital strategy, many companies try to manage their digital marketing and fail to properly execute a content marketing strategy. Sadly, with more businesses attempting content marketing, there are many common mistakes that could prove detrimental to a business and could hamper your brand. 

We take a look at some of the most common issues that arise and can affect online performance and brand growth.

1. Being overly cautious

When producing content it can be beneficial to play it somewhat safe, with many companies not wishing to embrace controversy or cause issues for their customers; however, it is important that your content reflects who you are and is not boring. It can be more beneficial for a company to show their opinion and try to engage with their customers. 

While having an opinion or sticking to certain principles may turn away a few potential customers, in the long run, it will improve relationships and create a lasting impression on the vast majority of clients. Dull, predictable content is unlikely to have any impact on customers or create a relationship. By making content more opinionated you are more likely to increase shares, comments, and overall brand awareness

2. Forgetting about the importance of social media

Businesses either aim to dominate social media by creating an account on every platform, or do not create any accounts and avoid social media altogether. Sadly, both tactics can be detrimental to online performance and growth. Either a company focuses too much effort on social media and all social platforms, leading to mediocre performance, or they do not focus on any at all, resulting in less traffic to their site. 

Companies should find out which social accounts their customers use and interact with and build a stable platform on said channel, rather than focus on a number of channels. 

3. Forgetting about mobile traffic

Mobile browsing is becoming one of the major ways for companies to develop traffic, with many expert studies predicting that mobile will soon overtake desktop browsing. Indeed, according to some reports, over 60% of all online traffic in 2015 was from mobile devices. With the development of smartphones, more people are using their mobile or tablets to browse online, and, as such, it is vital that your site is mobile friendly and can perform for this audience. Otherwise, your brand and online performance could suffer.

It is vital that online content is created properly and is used on the right channels to attract a relevant audience. With more companies than ever attempting their own content marketing, Pint Sized Giants can help your online content and brand stand out. Get in touch with our team of experts today using our online contact form.

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