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Is professional web design worth it?

30 Sep 2016

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it goes without saying that your company needs a website, regardless of your industry or niche - but what exactly does your website say about you?

In tough times, designing your own website can seem like a money-saving exercise, but it's often the case that many small and medium-sized enterprises find that they've bitten off more than they can chew. The solution, of course, is to hire a professional web design firm to take the pain out of ecommerce - and here's just a number of small reasons it makes sense:

Your website communicates to your customers what you're about

Imagine turning up to an important meeting in a tracksuit and an old pair of trainers - insane, right? You wouldn't do it in the real world, and you shouldn't do it digitally either. A poorly designed website conveys to your customers that you don't care about your appearance, and if your company doesn't care about appearance then where else could it be lacking - customer service, perhaps?

If your website looks old and tired, perhaps it's time to call in the professionals. Pint Sized Giants provide the best web design, at incredibly competitive rates.

A professional website is less prone to technical glitches

When a website is experiencing slow loading problems and downtime, nine times out of ten it's a coding issue. A professional web developer can create a website which is compatible with multiple browsers, loads well on mobile and follows best SEO practices.

Pint Sized Giants could save you money in reduced maintenance costs

Constantly having to maintain a website means having to spend money. A brand new website can eliminate this by offering a more streamlined platform to work from, freeing up funds and resources which could be invested in something like SEO or email marketing.

A more functional site can increase traffic

Site issues can cause diminishing visitor numbers - if your site doesn't work, your customers will go elsewhere. A professionally designed website will have been constructed with search engine optimisation in mind, ensuring your site not only ranks highly on Google, but also attracts returning customers.

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