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How Pint Sized Giants can overhaul your email marketing strategy

30 Sep 2016

Many businesses see email marketing as a dying art in the digital age, with marketers choosing to migrate to social media platforms and blogs to establish and disseminate their brand message. Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing is in fact, stronger than ever and on the rise. Perhaps there is something appealing to consumers about receiving a hard sales message with the choice to click or delete, without having intrusive banner adverts and autoplay videos shoved down their throats when browsing online.

With this in mind, Pint Sized Giants has spent considerable time and effort developing an email marketing package which takes the hassle away from you and your business, and leaves all the hard work to the experts. This not only saves you precious working hours and manpower, but also allows for a fresh and innovative look at your company's brand and campaign strategies. Here are three simple ways that we are going to make email marketing work for you and your business.

1) Segmentation

The importance of the accurate and concentrated segmentation, tagging and labelling of data can never be underestimated. The more you know about your prospect, the better you will be able to market to them, increasing engagement and leading to informed and intelligent lead and sales generation. Here at Pint Sized Giants we will work with you to ensure that you are getting the best out of your data, and work with you to improve its quality through targeted and monitored email strategies which will help us determine what exactly your prospects want from you.

2) Eye-catching and innovative design

Once you've hooked your prospect with a catchy subject line, and they've clicked to open your email communication, the next stage is to keep them engaged with relevant, original and worthwhile content. There is nothing more disheartening than investing your time in a brand's communications to find that the content they put out is regurgitated and full of clickbait and sales messages. Here at Pint Sized Giants we will coordinate directly with your marketing team to strategise engaging, relevant and on-brand content design which will ensure that your consumer knows that they are being serviced with valuable information that is worth their time and money. 

3) In-depth reporting

Some will argue that the most important part of an email communication campaign is not how many people read, click on or buy as a result of your marketing, but instead how you use the data collected from the campaign to ensure that your prospects continue to benefit from targeted, tailored campaigns. At Pint Sized Giants we will ensure that the best data collection methods are utilised to ensure that you are aware of exactly what the consumer is after from your business, and where to go next in terms of marketing strategy.

The beauty of email marketing is its simplicity on the surface, combined with the very complex inner workings of the machine which helps you as a business to tailor your content with more refined details which will have a profound and prolonged impact on your prospects, and ultimately your lead generation and sales. Pint Sized Giants specialise in simple but effective messages which generate proven results.

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