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Mobile marketing in 2016: what is changing and what is vital?

30 Sep 2016

While many industry blogs continue to publish trends about the state of marketing in general, many of posts mention the growth of mobile marketing and nothing else about the sector. The simple truth of the matter is that mobile marketing is different and it has its own trends. 

While one of our previous blog posts touched on social media trends, here we analyse the different trends affecting the fastest growing sector of digital marketing.

Video is going mobile

According to many reports last year, mobile overtook desktop users for visits to websites with more sessions coming from mobile and tablets from people on the go. While sites became more mobile-friendly as a result of this, it was only a matter of time until video caught up. 

2015 saw mobile video marketing grow considerably with the main players in the digital industry now experimenting with vertical-displayed video content. According to industry leaders such as Audi and AT&T, since they have developed mobile video marketing they have noticed an 80% increase in the number of adverts watched in their entirety. This stat alone shows the importance of mobile video for marketers and gives insight into why so many are investing more in their mobile marketing. With video continuing to grow on social media and other digital marketing platforms, it is clear that for many companies, their future is in video content. 

Apps aren’t a thing of the past, but practicality is key

When apps were first developed and companies first launched an app, there was a buzz as users rushed to download the app to see how good it was and what it offered. However, it is evident from current trends that the novelty of the app is waning. An app will no longer be downloaded just because it is there or because a company has one. An app now has to offer so much more and be practical and useful to the user. 

Following a boom in popularity, practically every company has an app. In order for a user to download a mobile app, it must be useful to their everyday life. With data limits, there is a trend of users downloading apps that can offer an “all in one” type of service. Simply having an app in 2016 is no longer impressive. The tool must offer the user something that is unique, or else the app may be uninstalled, with the user replacing your company app with the app of a competitor. 

Social browsing

There has been a significant increase in the number of people opting to use social media when on their mobile, with many users utilising social media as a search engine. Due to this, there has been a significant emphasis placed on social media marketing. Many companies are missing out on the potential to raise brand awareness and generate leads by failing to have a social media marketing strategy that is appropriate for both desktop and mobile users. 

Content marketing is still vital

While there has been growth in video content and mobile users utilising apps, content marketing is still a key factor in mobile browsing. If your site is not mobile-friendly or if it fails to be found online, mobile browsers will not visit your site. While you may use social media or apps to drive users to your site, if the content is of low quality or if your site is poorly designed, you will never succeed in the mobile market. 

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