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Web design trends that are shaping 2016

30 Sep 2016

With each new year comes new developments that can help businesses stand out and generate more business. As customers become more accustomed to the online world, a website is crucial to online performance. Many customers are now somewhat tech-savvy and to put it bluntly, a free WordPress design or a standard template that has been patched together will simply not cut it in 2016. Here is a list of some of the top trends that are shaping the way web design is captivating audiences and improving the on-site experience.

Compelling, high-quality images

HD images with a compelling message or calls to action have been one of the major trends developed in the last year with many companies opting to have such an image placed as a banner on their site, creating a robust and empowering image while not affecting the user experience. 

Minimalist typography

Simple, minimal and streamlined designs and calls to action have benefited many sites with more copying the trend in 2016. Artistic and simple fonts have been shown to relate to people more than a fancy or custom made font. So many web designers have incorporated this into landing pages, sites, and microsites. 

The growth of video

More companies are opting to have video on their site. Not only is this beneficial for online performance, with Google rewarding video content, but a well-made and well-placed video can enhance the content of a site and let a company tell their story in their own way. 

Hover feedback

Many web designers have created hover animations which allow the user to obtain information without clicking. If they hover over something, information will pop up. This tactic has become increasingly popular in 2016. 

Fullscreen forms

Users can get distracted when on a page, especially if filling out a form. However, fullscreen forms are now being used by web designers to encourage interaction and focus. 

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