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A short guide to landing page videos

30 Sep 2016

High-quality landing pages are an indispensable part of any good website design; they represent a chance to introduce new visitors to your business and its products or services. If you can create a positive impression on your landing pages and channel your visitors towards your website’s product pages or service descriptions, you stand a good chance of converting them into customers. But how can you ensure that your video content is successful?

1. Keep it brief

Web users are usually willing to spend more time watching video content than reading textual content because it can be absorbed passively and doesn’t require them to focus exclusively on it. However, they still won’t commit to watching a five or ten-minute video on a landing page. 

If a web user has arrived on a landing page, it’s probably because they are looking for a particular product or service and are checking out your business to see if it can provide what they’re looking for. They’re not emotionally invested in your business yet and don’t want to have to watch overly-long content just to decide if they should purchase a product or service. Keep your video short and sweet so that your prospective customers view it all the way to the end and hear your entire message.

2. Focus on the USPs of the product or service your viewers are looking for

Each landing page should be dedicated to a product, a service or a small group of products or services. So the video on each of your landing pages should focus on the unique selling points of the products or services that the page is designed to promote. Don’t try to promote your whole business or talk about other products or services in your video - stay focused on the thing that your viewers actually want to know about.

3. Show off the product or service

Your video content should include footage of the product or service that you are trying to sell. Showing off your products and services as they are used is the best way to prove that they work well and are worth investing in. Video content gives you a unique opportunity to do this, so don’t ignore it!

Here at Pint Sized Giants, we can help you with any aspect of web design, including integrating videos into your landing pages. The tips we’ve provided here, however, will help you ensure that your video content can really grab your customers’ attention.

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