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Think email marketing is dead? Think again

30 Sep 2016

It seems that last month was the tipping point for the cynics against email marketing to once again declare the digital marketing tactic to be obsolete. However, despite the declared death of email marketing by some guru - seemingly each year - more companies than ever reap the rewards of email marketing. An industry census published by Econsultancy showed that despite the insights from so-called experts, there was still many reasons for companies to invest in email marketing.

Email marketing offered the highest ROI 

Social media, SEO and other digital marketing tactics are all vital and can generate business, but when it came to ROI, there was no comparison to email marketing. 73% of all those questioned stated that they had enjoyed a decent ROI following email marketing, with 27% of those questioned saying that their ROI was “excellent.” Conversely, only 5% stated that they were dissatisfied with their returns from email marketing. 

When you compare this to paid search, which had a 59% satisfaction rate, email marketing is clearly still effective in the modern day world. 

Retaining investment

Email marketing is still maintaining investment. Email marketing accounts for, on average, 15% of all marketers budgets with the tactic having a return of around 23% of sales. 

While 15% may seem like a small percentage of a budget, remember that email marketing can be more time consuming than social; and with tools to purchase to speed up the process, many companies do not want to spend too much time using said tactic, focussing on key campaigns rather than weekly emails. 

Personalisation is growing

Marketers questioned in the census stated that when it comes to reaching out to customers, automation and personalisation are key. There was a 5% increase in the number of marketers who indicated that they would be prioritising personalisation this year and with email marketing being one of the key areas to personalise a marketing campaign (and the tactic having some of the best results for personalisation), it is clear that the tactic is only going to grow in 2016. 

Email marketing is of vital importance but can be significantly time-consuming. At Pint Sized Giants, we are experts in all email marketing tactics and can help your company create an email marketing strategy or launch a campaign. For more information about how we can improve your business generation and online performance, get in touch today using our online contact form.

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