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The importance of content marketing in tandem with other marketing strategies

30 Sep 2016

Whatever stage you're at - whether you're looking to design a website or start marketing it - you need to bear in mind your overall strategy. If you get a site up and running with top-quality design and features then that's great, but what if nobody can find it? 

Content marketing should be done in tandem to make sure that, whatever your business and whatever your industry, you can offer your customers everything they need, as easily as possible.


SEO is perhaps the most important form of content marketing, with studies finding a huge portion of traffic for thousands of ecommerce sites coming directly from the organic channel. For a lot of businesses, search engines are the most dependable source of site traffic. 

SEO is literally built into your site and should be considered at every stage of your marketing process.


Once you've found your clients with good quality search engine optimised content, the next step is nurturing them. When they're used well, emails can be an excellent way to maintain contact with customers to offer them deals that will bring them back to your site time and again.

Email is the best way to stay in contact with your customers and good websites can use it both to build their brand and raise their revenue.


Outreach is being considered a part of SEO more and more as search engines evolve. Sites are increasingly rated based on the links that point to them and so good outreach can have a colossal impact. Not only can a good set of links bring direct traffic to your site, but a good link from a high quality site lets Google, Bing and other search engines know that your site is worth visiting.

Outreach is often thought about as a lone form of marketing, but to make the most of it, website owners and managers need to consider it as a part of their overall strategy.

Content marketing in tandem is a great way to make the most of your traffic at every level. Marketing on every channel helps websites nurture relationships and build their brand. SEO helps build a foundation whilst email, outreach and all the other forms of marketing ensure that this base is cared for, valued and, most importantly for you, keen to return and do business again.

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