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How you can market your construction business online

30 Sep 2016

If there is any market that seems totally detached from the digital world to the untrained eye, it’s construction.

To an outsider, the sight of builders walking up and down scaffolding and surveyors wandering around dusty sites is the anti-thesis of being chained to an office keyboard. But like all other workplaces in the 21st century, computers are still a valuable asset to the modern day construction business.

In no area is this clearer than in marketing, which is why we’ve compiled a few ideas for how to effectively broadcast your construction company’s brand and services across the web.

1. Homepage testimonials

Whether searching online or offline, all customers want to check out a business’s past reviews before putting their faith in them. After all, the best way of knowing if their service will be up to scratch is seeing how they’ve performed before.

For some reason, many construction firms make the mistake of hiding testimonials from customers in the smaller corners of their website. On the contrary, you should put them front and centre of your homepage, there to calm potential customers’ worries the second they find you.

2. YouTube tutorials

You want to prove to prospective customers that your team knows how to do the job properly, but how can they tell this without seeing them in action? One way is past reviews; another is, well, letting them see you in action.

An efficient way of doing this is to get one of your team members to video various employees doing different aspects of their everyday jobs while explaining to the camera what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. This fly on the wall insight into your everyday practices will give customers confidence that your team is clued up, as they’ve seen the evidence for themselves.

3. Tweet industry news

Twitter and Facebook can be used to market your products and services in many direct ways, for instance by posting “this is what we do and this is what we charge”. But it’s not enough to tell potential customers that you know what you’re doing; they need to believe it as well.

One way of achieving this is by regularly posting the latest in industry developments on both social media accounts. This will leave prospective customers with the impression that your firm keeps on track of the latest trends and information, a sign of reliability and good work ethic.

A pint-sized solution

If you’d like to put these construction marketing ideas and far more into practice, contact Pint Sized Giants today. As a specialist web design and marketing team, we can help increase your revenues, attract new customers and craft your messages so that the right people get the right impression of your business.

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