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3 social marketing techniques that have arrived in 2016

30 Sep 2016

At Pint Sized Giants, one of the most enjoyable elements of our work is keeping abreast of the very latest marketing techniques, and picking the best of the bunch to offer our clients as part of integrated campaigns.

Social marketing is one of the fastest moving elements of the industry, and largely because so much of it uses ever changing digital techniques which are linked to ways to consume media and socialise with friends online on a daily basis. Here are three 2016 trends which we expect to be here to stay.

1. Click-to-buy

Twitter introduced a buy button that allows users to take a one click avenue directly to the purchasing page of a product. We believe that the ecommerce potential of buy buttons is just too large to ignore, and expect Facebook and other social media platforms to introduce their own schemes in the near future.

2. Power of the big three

If you are considering using an up and coming social media platform for your marketing needs, it might not prove to be the most stable strategy in the long run. All the evidence points to the continued dominance of the big three platforms - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - for years to come, as they gobble up any platforms which look promising by buying them out. The possible exception to this rule looks to be Snapchat, which has shown signs of being suitable for some social marketing techniques, especially for companies and providers of products with marketing heavily based around imagery, such as fashion and food.

3. More privacy awareness

All the leading social media platforms have experienced security breaches of some degree and we are likely to see a continuation of the tightening up of security processes regarding logging in on different devices and the identification methods required. What does this mean for social media marketing? Well, for a start, it might result in a toning down of the techniques that some might consider intrusive - they include apps that take a user's personal details, automatically like their page and others, or even post to a user's profile without needing any more than the initial permission to do so.

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