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What is the best way to appeal to my customers? Construction marketing 101

30 Sep 2016

To a great extent, marketing a construction business is much like marketing any other business. You need to know your target market, have a plan and be consistent!

With the construction industry, however, there are some differences. You need to stand out in a very crowded market and ditch the cowboy builder image.

1. Standing out

One way to stand out is to specialise. If you’re a tiny company, where the builder, the boss and the office manager are all the same person, this can be to your advantage. You don’t have to run round the area trying to be everything to everyone, you just focus on that one thing you’re a complete expert on, forget the rest and market yourself as the specialist you are.

If you’re a full-service company that covers every building job that could possibly need doing, on the other hand, market that! That’s your difference. Not every other builder out there can claim to have the complete start to finish service that you do!

2. Content

If you have a blog on your website, fill it with helpful DIY tips, advice on applying for planning permission, tool reviews, general ‘how tos’, simple explanations of building regulations, ‘what to think about when’ articles, energy saving tips and more.

Not only will your potential and current customers love you, this content will boost your site up the search engines for your keywords, making you more likely to be found and hired and, if it’s well-written and genuinely helpful, it’s a great convincer to get potential clients over that whole ‘dodgy builder’ rep that seems to dog the industry.

Combine that with sharing your content on social media and you should be way ahead of the competition.

3. Email marketing

Set up an account on an email marketing service, then add a sign up box to your website (at the top of the site and at the bottom of all those fabulous blog posts you’ve written!). You can keep marketing to the people who sign up over and over.

Give them a reason to hand over their email address with a report or a checklist on something they really want to know how to do, and you’re away.

4. Establish credibility

Enter some business, building or design awards, and if you win, or even get an honourable mention, blow your own trumpet in your marketing!

If you’re accredited or certified (Gas Safe Register, IPAF, etc) mention it in your marketing copy and use the logos on your site.

Adding testimonials, with before and after shots, is also a perfect way to build trust with your potential customers.

Finally, never stop marketing even when you’re busy, to end that boom and bust cycle.

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