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Is your company making any of these top 5 email marketing mistakes?

30 Sep 2016

Email marketing can be a great way of reaching out to existing customers and potential consumers who have already demonstrated interest in what you have to offer. It gives you the opportunity to share interesting new content, inform recipients of new products and services, and generally remind customers of who you are and what you sell. However, if you get it wrong it can have a detrimental impact on your brand’s reputation. 

Here are 5 mistakes commonly made by companies who have attempted to run their own email marketing activities:

Subject lines

Writing a good subject line for an email is an art form. It needs to accurately convey the contents of the email while encouraging recipients to open and read it, while avoiding overselling. Oversell, and you’re likely to be moved to a spam folder.

Brand personality

We often see emails that show no personality. An email is an interaction with a human being, and the content should reflect that. If you are unsure what your brands personality is, take some time to brainstorm, and allow the brand image to influence future communications. Focus on the customer, rather than simply bombarding them with offers, and you’re more likely to create interest. 


When you send a lengthy email with a dozen calls to action, you’re unlikely to garner much interest. It can be difficult to narrow down what you want to say, and to put it in a succinct message. Keep it simple, or you’re likely to scare customers away.


We get it – you have a dozen other things to do, and email marketing often slides to the bottom of the list. However, if you send your customers emails inconsistently, or do not contact them regularly enough, you can be missing out on valuable conversions. However, contact customers too often, and you’re likely to be relocated to the spam folder.


While emailing customers consistently and regularly is advisable, pointless emails are truly to be avoided. It may seem obvious, but companies often fail to realise that their emails do not have a point. Emails should offer value to the recipient – a simple reminder of your brand’s existence is not enough.

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