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Supercharge your marketing with pay per click advertising on social media

30 Sep 2016

Pay per click advertising dominates the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) delivered by a user's search query, but have you ever considered supercharging your marketing strategy by using PPC on social media? It's another way to get quick wins for your brand and good ROI (Return on Investment). Here's how to jump on the bandwagon.

Social media allows you to diversify your PPC and find potential customers on the platforms they regularly visit. We all know social platforms can vary in popularity for users and brands - just look at Instagram's recent algorithm update that has stressed out bloggers - but targeting your audience on their favourite platform is an easy way to achieve your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Besides that, it doesn't have to cost the earth; with a little research and forethought, your investment can go a long way. 

Focus on a few core channels, then think about when your target audience is online and what they like to post. Are they new parents checking Facebook early in the morning, are they teens addicted to browsing YouTube after school, or are they Millennials scrolling through their Twitter feed on the way home from work? Hone in on their interests and habits to deliver better results. You can also tweet by demographic or post an ad on Facebook directed at a custom audience from your existing app users to make sure you're reaching the right people. 

Don't forget to add eye-catching images wherever possible. A funny or poignant image can enhance engagement, shareability, brand loyalty and click-through rates - the perfect example of how pay per click advertising works on social media. Humour and an approachable tone are also important factors for standing out against the competition; your blog post, tweet or video could go viral if you're lucky. Just make sure your posts fit in with the brand's overall tone of voice, to avoid alienating potential customers or drifting too far from brand guidelines. 

If you haven't added social media to your PPC portfolio, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this opportunity to drive sales and visibility.

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