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5 overlooked website design features

20 Dec 2016

Are you thinking about getting a new website designed? Perhaps you have already considered the colour scheme and potential layout? There are a number of must-haves for your website that are often overlooked, yet could increase your sales dramatically. Hiring a web designer will provide you with the advice you need on great website features. However, here are five unique ideas to get you thinking:

1. Social share

Only 34% of websites have a social share widget, however as social media is one of the most effective ways of marketing, including this small icon could really boost publicity.

2. Live chat

A live chat window is a highly beneficial way of interacting with potential clients to understand their needs when clicking onto the website. A helpful attitude by a staff member who is representing the company may even bag you another sale.

3. Video

Including a video on your website is a much better way of marketing your product or service. Visual aids are eight times more successful than text based information within business. Reading through pages and pages of text is not an effective way to entice customers to buy, therefore contemplate creating a video to market your product or service.

4. Blog

Blogs are a great way of gaining new clients. If they contain engaging content, rankings for your website may increase on Google. Blogs don’t always have to mention your products or services either. General blogs surrounding similar topics may do even better as general information is more relevant to a wider selection of people. Then, by potential clients reading your blog, they are automatically directed to your website.

5. Newsletter sign-up

As soon as someone clicks on your homepage, a pop up suggesting an email-sign up to receive newsletters would be a good marketing plan. If they sign up, you are building a database of potential clients with great ease. Newsletters often include information on new products and deals.

If you would like any further information on website design or hiring a website designer, please contact us at Pint Sized Giants today by calling our sales team.

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