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3 things you need to tell your website designer

17 Jan 2017

Here at Pint Sized Giants, we aim to provide bespoke websites that precisely match our clients’ needs. In order to do this, we listen to our clients and try to understand their requirements, businesses, and brands as thoroughly as possible. Are you considering contracting a website agency like us? If you are, you may be wondering what sort of information you will need to provide to ensure that you get a site which completely meets your requirements. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about what you should tell your website designer to make sure that they can create the website you really want.

1. Features and capabilities

What does your website need to be able to do? Does it primarily exist to provide consumers with information, or does it need to include interactive elements? Web designers can provide features that allow users to comment on pages, get in touch with you via contact forms, fill out questionnaires or interact with your site in countless other ways. However, they need to know which features you would like and what level of interactivity your site should provide. Contact forms are fairly standard, but if you want any other interactive features, you may wish to mention them specifically. Whether you hire us or another design agency, tell your designer what you want and how you need it to work. 

2. Preferred communication method

Text, images, infographics and videos can all be used to communicate vital information on your site. A good site will include all three. However, your website designer needs to know which type of communication they should rely on most. Should your site be built to accommodate a high number of videos or infographics, or does it need to be primarily textual? Think carefully about how you want to get across crucial information to viewers and tell your website designer so they can ensure that your finished site utilises and fully accommodates your preferred means of communication.

3. Your brand and business

In order to create a site that feels like an important part of your business, your website design agency needs to know as much as possible about your business and brand. What sort of mood is your brand designed to evoke and what type of ‘brand voice’ do you want to use to communicate with customers? What are your core USPs, services and/or products? By learning about your brand and business, a talented website designer can create a site that supports your brand identity with appropriate imagery, visual design and content. 

Here at Pint Sized Giants, we’re always eager to design bespoke websites that match our clients needs perfectly. If you need a website design agency that can deliver your ideal site, contact us today and tell us about your business, your brand and your needs.

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