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3 ways to increase your website's performance

20 Mar 2017

Being accountable for your website performance is an essential part of running and growing your business in the digital era. Unfortunately, too many businesses forget this and allow their digital presence to grow stale. It’s not healthy for your website and it’s not healthy for your business.

So don’t fall behind while the competition speeds ahead – here are three exciting ways you can increase your website’s performance this year.

Introduce exciting content

You need to remember why people are visiting your website. They are looking for information, and providing that information in an engaging way will score you massive points. One of the biggest digital marketing trends at the moment is content marketing, so think of exciting ways you can promote your business. 

Inject personality into your writing, add an interactive gallery and introduce your company with a short online video. You will instantly see that people will stay on your website longer and commit more to what you have to offer.

Update your website layout

Too many businesses are caught in the past and don’t see their website as what it really is – an asset. Like all assets, you have a responsibility to nurture it and ensure that it still plays a massive role within your business. Leaving your website to stew will only make your brand appear as outdated as its layout. 

Revitalise your digital presence with a new website design. Work with an experienced website designer that can advise you on best practices, and help you create a new, fresh and modern layout for your site. 

Become part of the mobile revolution

In line with updating your website layout, you need to also ensure your website is mobile-friendly. With more than 50% of all online searches committed through mobile devices, it is almost a crime not to have a responsive website design nowadays. 

Your web designer will be able to explain how responsive website design works, and should be able to create a coherent design that maximises the impact of your digital content as well. This will make your brand more accessible across all devices. 

For increased digital performance, Pint Sized Giants are your leaders in web design in Bedford. Speak to our team today for more information.

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