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Aligning your brand: Why it takes effective web design to maintain customer relationships

30 Mar 2017

Each year, a number of trends evolve, and experts give predictions of what the future holds for content marketing and web design. Whether it is switching to a new template, embracing more video or simply adding unique images. While a host of trends are adopted each year, it is important to maintain the identity of your company and the image you wish to portray throughout. 

What does the website say about your business?

An effective website can often say more about a firm than any of the images or messaging on the site. To put it simply, a firm could have the most engaging, inspiring content on their site with thousands of hits each day, however, if the customer does not believe in the site, or if the site is ineffective and does not generate leads, then it is worthless. Many businesses are often too blinded by what's on their webpage rather than how simple it is to navigate. It is imperative that all businesses remember that it only takes one click/swipe of a phone to end a customer's relationship.

Prioritise the customer experience 

With web design, it is vital that your own values and ideals are maintained. To have an effective site, it is more than the content that affects you; it is the entire process. Businesses that wish their brand to be at the forefront must build their foundations on something stronger than a fleeting social media campaign. The customer experience must be prioritised with practical web design being at the heart.

The importance of navigation and design

Visually appealing, consumer-friendly interfaces are essential and can make a significant difference in branding, customer loyalty and business generation. Having a clean, easy to navigate site with simple headings and minimal pages can lead to more business generation and shows a lot about their core principles. 

A well-designed site can let a business show themselves, but show that they are there for their customers. Having relevant (and genuine images) rather than stock images, having an intuitive platform to build on (rather than a standard web template design) and perhaps most importantly, making the website work for you as well as your customers, can clarify your goals and your own branding. 

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