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06 Feb 2017

How to make your content marketing more effective

How to make your content marketing more effective

How to make your content marketing more effective


Content marketing is now one of the most efficient ways to secure and develop long-lasting relationships with your customers. More cost effective than many traditional forms of marketing, content marketing can be further utilised to generate revenue for your company when it has had input from a web designer. Their expertise will help you to optimise your page and content for search engines to improve the Google search ranking of your business. 

1. Post regularly

It’s important to post content regularly to your website to ensure that you are maximising the traffic that visits your site each day. It is true that quality beats quantity when it comes to content marketing, but it is still important to provide your customers with regular content to keep your business top of mind.

2. Keep it relevant

Content marketing across online channels has become one of the most effective ways to engage with and add value to your customer relationships. Content marketing raises the profile of your company in the minds of your customers by providing relevant information to benefit the reader. Content marketing has been proven to be a more effective sales tool than overly direct copy that clearly intends to push sales of the product or service on offer.

3. Link your channels 

Sharing web content on your social media channels helps to drive traffic from several sources. You are more likely to engage with a greater number of relevant customers if you share your content across more than one channel, highlighting the capabilities of your business to a wider audience.

4. Design for success

Once you’re driving traffic to your website either through high ranking Google search results or via your social media channels – you’ll need to ensure your website is designed to lead your customers to your most important content and calls to action. Ensuring your website helps you achieve your business objectives is a crucial part of your content marketing. This can be developed through effective web design and usability testing.

Pint Sized Giants can help you design your website to ensure you’re maximising the return on your content marketing, call 01234 834667 today for more information about how we can help you.

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