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22 Feb 2017

Key reasons for using an external website designer

Key reasons for using an external website designer

Key reasons for using an external website designer


Imagine an artist hard at work, their nose almost pressed against the canvas as they add intricate touches to their painting. When their work is completed, an audience comes in to look at it. From their position, standing well back, they don't appreciate the intricacy, but instead view a whole that simply doesn't work for most of them.

The artist was so involved in the detail that they forget to take that step back for improved perspective. This is what can also happen when a company undertakes their own website design. Our team, here at Pint Sized Giants, can take that step back and provide the perspective needed in such work.

The problems of being too close

Like the artist, people creating their own website can simply know their subject almost too well to provide that vital perspective. The result is that the layout and content is crafted to their level of knowledge and expertise; inadvertently ignoring the reality that many people who visit it are much less technically competent. Therefore, for example, the site contains some jargon - the private language that all businesses develop - understood by insiders but often confusing and even off-putting to others.

It can also be the case that insiders undertaking their own web design can focus on what they know about their products or services, whereas visitors will be seeking solutions to their own problems or ways of meeting their specific needs. Rather than, for example, what a product is, these visitors need to know exactly what it can do for them. 

A third area of potential difficulty with self-generated sites is what might be missing. Familiarity with a business by its insiders can accidentally lead to sub-conscious assumptions of knowledge by everyone else. The result is that the journey through a website, from arrival to action, can be well understood by those who work for that business, yet seem incomplete or confusing to those visiting it for the first time. 

The external solution

An outside team, as well as providing their own web design and content expertise, can help alleviate such problems, making sure that the website design reflects a business at its best, and is complete and ready for effective action by visitors. 

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