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10 Mar 2017

4 signs that a website is due an upgrade

4 signs that a website is due an upgrade

4 signs that a website is due an upgrade


Good website design requires constant attention and maintenance to ensure that a website is always performing at its maximum capability. Much like a car, the older a website becomes the less likely it is to perform as well as it once did. It may be that it's time to have a completely new website designed or maybe it just needs some attention and a slight upgrade. 

Either way, here are four signs that a website is due an upgrade.

#1 - It's not mobile responsive

Modern website design dictates that a website should be optimised for mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Considering these are being used more and more instead of traditional desktop computers, it's critical that you have a website that looks and works great, no matter the device.

#2 - It's slow

Does it take longer to navigate your website than other websites you visit? It could be because it's in need of some attention. It's possible that getting a website designer to have a look at it could speed it up and give your users a better experience and it could reduce bounce rates. 

#3 - Traffic levels are poor

If you have found that your website is getting little to no traffic or maybe just less than it once did, it could be because it's no longer optimised to achieve the maximum amount of traffic. Modern web design is all about making a website rank highly in search engine results pages to gain as much traffic as possible. If you rely on your website for business then it's absolutely essential that you're making the most out of it and getting as many customers or visitors as possible.

#4 - It's started to look a little bit dated

Just like clothing, website design trends can start to look a dated after a while. If you have a website that looks as though it's from the 90's then visitors or potential customers are less likely to trust it. If you're unsure on this aspect, it's always worth asking the opinion of a qualified website designer to see what they think.

If you'd like to update your website or even just get an expert's opinion, contact Pint Sized Giants today.

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