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12 Apr 2017

Three web design sins you didn’t realise you were committing

Three web design sins you didn’t realise you were committing

Three web design sins you didn’t realise you were committing


There are lots of ways to design a good website, but there are even more ways to design a bad one. Here are just three web design sins we see all too often… 

Where’s the contact information?

Every business wants to make it really easy for potential customers to get in touch with them. So why do so many companies make it so difficult to find their contact details on their website? Concealing them on clickable links in reams of text, hiding the details under an ambiguous title like ‘location’ or even worse, forgetting to include them at all, are all guaranteed ways to lose business fast. 

So many links!

Using links on your pages is a good way to direct visitors to aspects of your business they may also be interested in or share interesting news stories and articles that are relevant to your industry. But they need to be used with care and are unsuitable for those who want to keep site maintenance to a minimum. Why? Well the internet changes constantly and the pages you link to can move or disappear in a surprisingly short space of time. A small change on your site can affect several internal links you have in place too, rendering them invalid. Dead links are irritating and make your site look out of date and neglected. 

Dull, dull, dull…

A website can have all the information you want to hand and be easy to navigate with lots of live links, but still utterly fail to hold a visitors attention. If it looks boring, with little colour, no images and reams and reams of text, no one will want to stay long enough to find out about your company. Yes, there is information that needs to be on there, but it’s a cardinal sin to let that be all the site contains. 

These are just three of the most common website design sins which can be committed by those who aren’t in the know. There are many, many more! Want to avoid an accidental blunder altogether? Work with Pint Sized Giants for flawless web design.

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