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11 May 2017

What makes a great website

What makes a great website

What makes a great website


Your website is your digital shopfront and the most prominent presence your business has on the web. Building a website isn’t a one-time job; the best websites are continually being developed to meet their customers' changing needs. People visit websites for a variety of reasons, including to find information, to make a purchase or to make an enquiry. Considering the purpose of your website and the reasons your customers visit your site will help you to design a website that fulfils your customer needs as efficiently as possible. 

Responsive design

Using Google Analytics, you can track which devices people use to visit your website most often. Understanding the different devices used to visit your website should be the impetus you need to ensure your site is adapted to different screen sizes and devices. Your visitors don’t want to have to scroll for ages on their mobile to get to the piece of information they’re looking for, and Google will penalise websites that aren’t adapted for mobile and tablet devices. 


Once you define the reasons your visitors reach your website, you can start to design your site to be responsive to their needs. If the purpose of a person’s visit is to gather information, you need to design your site in such a way that the person can easily access the information they seek. Pages that load quickly are increasingly becoming an expected function of high performing websites, so be sure to work with your web developers to maximise the speed in which your pages load. 


Minimalistic website designs; brief, creative copy and bold, vibrant colours are all becoming increasingly popular on high performing websites. Video content is also being used as full-screen backgrounds, giving website visitors a more immersive, engaging experience on your site. The load time of video can affect your page speed, so be sure to work closely with your web designer to ensure this doesn’t affect the performance of your site. 

If you feel your website is ready for an update, contact Pint Sized Giants today. We’ll be able to tell you which sections of your website are performing as efficiently as possible and support you in making any improvements that could improve the return you see from your website.

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