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18 May 2017

Two simple content tips to improve your website's rankings

Two simple content tips to improve your website's rankings

Two simple content tips to improve your website's rankings


You may believe that once your web designer has completed your site, you'll instantly experience an influx of new customers. However, it takes a lot of behind the scenes work, known as SEO to improve your visibility online. The higher your ranking on different search engines, the more traffic will arrive at your website.

It's easy to ruin fantastic website design with poor content. Make sure to follow our simple tips to increase your online traffic.

Improve readability

How easy it is to read your content is part of the way that search engines look at websites. Studies have found that people prefer to read short and simple sentences, and will often exit a page if they find the text too difficult to follow. 

If you are struggling to outrank your competitors, improving something as simple as your sentence structure can give you that all-important boost in rankings. Make sure to consider the length of the words you're using, and the tone that you write in. It's best to adopt a conversational tone on a sales website, as it helps boost engagement. Make sure that you ask your website designer to add in some easy-to-read font styles, as the visibility of your text can boost your readability score too!

Optimise keywords naturally

You may have heard that using one keyword multiple times on a page will boost your search engine ranking. While you may see some results, this can work against the readability of your website by becoming repetitive. Google's algorithm can now track synonyms to your keywords, which is called Latent Semantic Indexing. You can use similar keywords, and Google will still rank your page for relevant searches.

An easy way to do this is by grouping sets of keywords together. Research phrases that you want to target, and then find similar variations. When you are writing content for your website, you will find that a few keywords from each category will fit into your copy. This gives your writing a natural flow, helping you to adopt that all-important conversational tone.

Not only do Pint Sized Giants offer web design services, we can also help with your SEO. We provide plans tailored to your business, helping you to outrank your competitors. Contact us today for more information or a free consultation.

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