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24 May 2017

How to create a winning homepage

How to create a winning homepage

How to create a winning homepage


The homepage of your website is normally the first contact visitors will have with your site, so making it compelling is important to encourage audiences to stay and browse further. All too often, many business owners create a homepage web design that tries to cram too much information in at once, making it confusing and overwhelming for visitors.

It makes sense to work with a professional website designer to get your homepage spot on, but there are a few things you should consider to make this front page a winner.

When focusing on what to include in the website design of your homepage, always think about what your audiences want from your site. What problems do they want solving and how can you help? Make this clear and obvious on your homepage.

Keep text simple and short on this first page. Use bullet points to break text up so it is easily scannable. Audiences will want to know quickly how to get to the information within your site that they require, so make your navigation easy to follow.

It goes without saying that you should include your company name, logo and contact details on your homepage, but if you want to add more information about your business, create separate 'about us' or 'history' pages rather than trying to cram this in on your main page.

A tidy layout with a single font or restricted use of colours is easy on the eye and won't bombard the senses when viewers first land on your homepage. Work with an expert web designer to get these simple, yet vitally important, design elements fine-tuned.

A good quality image that represents your brand can work well on your homepage, so pay attention to what you include here. Avoid stock photos, as these are too generic for a homepage and won't give your site any individual personality.

Viewers will want to instantly know if your site is trustworthy, so include any short customer testimonials, reviews, accreditations, accolades or industry memberships on your homepage to quickly gain respect. 

The best way to create a winning homepage is to enlist the help of website design specialists. Contact us at Pint Sized Giants today to see how we can help.

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