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18 Jul 2017

How social media marketing can drive visitors to your website

How social media marketing can drive visitors to your website

How social media marketing can drive visitors to your website


So, you have a great-looking website design with solid content that sells your company's strong and unique features and provides plenty of points of contact and calls to action. Now, you need social media to help drive genuine customers to it. A good Google ranking will only get you so far - a lively Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest account can do wonders for traffic. 

The key to these social media services is an honest, open and realistic flow of content that encourages interaction. You don't necessarily need dedicated staff to create this; just use your workers going about their business. Mix text posts, video and interesting photos, showing what your company sells, does or provides, highlighting the benefits and engaging with your target market or local audience. 

Engagement is a two-way process

Engagement is about following the right people, companies and audience for your business, then sharing problems, stories, or discussing changes in that market. Being a part of the conversation can be rewarding for businesses large and small, and help get the name of startup companies out there. 

Talking to customers or prospects will help boost interest and sales, but it needs to be done in an authentic manner. The odd sale tweet or Facebook post on the latest stock update will lose customer interest, fast. Instead, talk to them about how a new product can help them or remind them of upcoming local- or wider-related events or points of interest. 

Customer support

When it comes to customer support via social media, always have a dedicated account that is frequently monitored, as the longer a message goes unanswered, the angrier a customer becomes. If you have a worker dedicated to this task, always ensure they undergo some social media or customer support training, and create guidelines on how they should respond to escalating problems that can't be immediately solved. 

Bring joy to social media

The most successful companies on social media are those that bring a little joy and humour to people's days. Remember that as you try to promote your business and products, and mix the tone and type of content, your social media efforts should help bring clients and sales for years to come.

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