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02 Aug 2017

3 simple ways to boost digital performance

3 simple ways to boost digital performance

3 simple ways to boost digital performance


Every company faces a lull in business at some point or another, but instead of waiting things out, you need to be proactive. One excellent way to do that is by focusing on your online channels and thinking of ways to boost digital performance. 

Here are three simple solutions that all businesses benefit from in the end. 

1. Post exciting content 

You’ve most likely heard the phrase 'content is king' bandied about, but that’s because content is the way forward for many companies now. It is the perfect way to talk about your brand and get people talking about your brand. 

Videos, infographics, product reviews, case studies – they all drive your digital success and they also elevate your search engine rankings. Creating regular content is a great way to give your business identity, authority and visibility.

2. Improve mobile web design

If you’re an older business, you may still be using a website from 10 years ago. Times have changed and you need to keep up with current trends - for example, update your website design if it's old-fashioned. 

With over 50% of all online searches done via mobile, you also need to make sure your website can be used on smartphones and tablets. Investing in a new mobile-adaptive web design could be the solution to increasing more leads or sales. 

3. Integrate your website with social media and email 

Having a mobile-friendly website is great - you just need to market it. The best approach is to use social media and email. Adding content to your mobile-adaptive web design, then promote it using your social accounts and email newsletter, it is the perfect way to get people talking about your business again.

The important thing that all these activities promote is that you are an active business. By having a new website design and regular content that is promoted via other digital channels, you clearly demonstrate your modern thinking. 

If you are ready for modern thinking, contact our team at Pint Sized Giants. Our web designers can help you decide on the perfect web design solutions for your business today.

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