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02 Aug 2017

3 inbound marketing tips

3 inbound marketing tips

3 inbound marketing tips


Inbound marketing is by far the most effective technique you can use to attract visitors to your business. The strategy involves bringing customers to you rather than pursuing them through direct marketing campaigns or cold calls.

Here are some top tips for effective inbound digital marketing that will help your business grow.

Strong website design

You must have a good website if you want to draw interested visitors to your site. Customers will expect to find lots of useful information presented clearly and integrated into an eye-catching, user-friendly site design. You can build and manage your website yourself if you have the aptitude, or you might prefer to invest in the services of a professional web design company to do the job for you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your website must be easy to find - period. One sure-fire way to make sure visitors land on your site is by populating it with strong, good quality SEO-optimized content. A good starting point for your site is a company blog. Once you’re up and running, approach your industry contacts and suppliers and ask them to link to your site. In exchange, provide them with positive product reviews and backlinks. All this activity will drive your site address to the top of the major search engine rankings, which means more visitors to your business and thus more sales.

Site promotion

Once your website is up and running and you’ve stuffed it full of great content, you must promote it. Use your social media accounts and contacts to promote your site. Remember to share all your fresh blog posts and content via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites you use. Ask contacts within your industry sector if they will share your content via their own networks.

In conclusion

Make sure your website is attractive, easy to use and full of really useful, interesting SEO-optimised content. If your site is fresh and full of free industry expertise, your visitors will keep on returning time after time. For more advice and assistance on how Pint Sized Giants could help you, contact the helpful team today.

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