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30 Sep 2016

Content audits: why use a digital marketing agency to analyse your competitors online?

Content audits: why use a digital marketing agency to analyse your competitors online?

Content audits: why use a digital marketing agency to analyse your competitors online?


Outreach and digital marketing tactics have become key to many businesses in recent times with more emphasis being placed on outreach and link building. However, while it is important that you use a number of tactics to form relationships with publications and build links, it is also vital that you look at your own content to try and improve your overall performance with high-quality copy.

By enlisting the help of a digital marketing agency, you can carry out a content audit which will analyse your performance and highlight areas to improve. A skilled agency can carry out such a report on competitors to find some of their weaknesses. By performing a content audit, you will able to employ the best possible SEO tactics and improve your overall rankings.

Monitor keywords and backlinks

Google has a host of tools at their disposal that can aid you in keeping up with your competitors, such as Google alerts or extra add ons. However, if you are looking to truly excel in improving leads, you need to enlist the help of a skilled agency who know what they are doing regarding SEO and can give insight into areas of strong performance and areas needing improvement.

Analyse web rankings

To monitor both your own business and that of your competitor you should seek the help of an agency who can use web ranking tools to produce detailed and branded SEO reports. This will allow you to monitor an unlimited number of keywords and analyse your competition thoroughly, which will help your company implement a digital marketing strategy.

Have an online marketing strategy

To succeed online, you need to focus on your own business as well as the business of your competitor. By enlisting an agency to help you develop an online content strategy and a social media strategy, you will have high-quality content and analyses on which content performs best. An agency will also be able to allow you to find key influencers to promote your content, aiding your outreach and link building efforts.

Review social media successes

Some companies may not perform well organically but may excel on social media. It is vital that you monitor how your competitors use social media. This will allow you to see the way they manage their social channels and how they promote their brand. By having an understanding of your competitors, you can then develop a proper social media marketing strategy, with the help of experts, to succeed and to take on your business opponent.

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