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30 Sep 2016

The benefits of professional web design

The benefits of professional web design

The benefits of professional web design


The benefits of professional web design

We all want our website to look nice, but is it really delivering in terms of being an effective landing base for potential customers, meeting our marketing objectives and giving us the SEO value that every company craves?

The truth is, website design is one of those practices that should be left to the professionals, especially if you want your homepage to be attractive to the Google algorithm that determines how high up the rankings you will be placed for certain key phrases searched for by potential customers.

Reduce bounce rate

Reducing bounce rate means encouraging visitors to your site to stay on there for longer, looking at your products and services. Web design experts can increase your site's responsiveness - it has been proven that one of the major reasons for high bounce rates is problems with scrolling through a page, or long waiting times when navigating through the site. You can eliminate this by turning to web design professionals who can help.

Get SEO friendly

Every piece of content on your site counts towards its SEO value - from your blog and news content, to the headings you choose for each page, to the URL of your website itself. A knowledgeable web design company will have all the tools to give you the framework for better SEO. It is then up to you, or a third party SEO agency, to come up with engaging ways to fill it. That includes the right keywords and interesting content to allow you to shoot up the rankings.

Reduce your workload

Leaving the day to day administration and maintenance of your website can save you time and money in the long run, allowing you to focus on the task of running your business. You can also ensure the security of your site is up to standard, and that the right updates and firewalls have been installed in order to give you peace of mind.

Even for SMEs with a tight budget, leaving your web design and maintenance needs in the hands of the professionals can save you time and money in the long run.

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