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30 Sep 2016

Why is link building so vital to your digital marketing strategy?

Why is link building so vital to your digital marketing strategy?

Why is link building so vital to your digital marketing strategy?



If you build it, they will come. It is a lovely thought that too many business professionals have no doubt thought about when establishing their company. However, in the current digital landscape, it is vital that you not only build a site, but that your site also stands out.

While to many, content may still be king, there is a potential contender for the throne in the form of link-building. While SEO, high-quality content and a strong social media presence are imperative, there is also the need to build a strong organic following through search engines. This can be achieved, in part, through link building.

By establishing high-value links to respected domains and ranking authorities, your company will benefit in search engines, as visibility and overall domain authority are improved. Furthermore, adding these links helps to raise awareness of your brand.

The best ways to boost link-building opportunities

Building and establishing links can be exceptionally difficult, so it is important that you seek to use already established links to benefit your site.

To successfully build links, it is important that your content marketing is strong. Many companies will offer a link in exchange for a piece of content on their site. Therefore, it is vital that your content is of the highest quality which, in turn, will encourage any other sites who may wish to build a link with you to get in contact.

While link building is an important step in the expansion of business online, it is vital that it is done alongside a number of other key aspects in order to improve your overall online authority and domain ranking. To truly allow your business to grow it is important to utilise other digital marketing methods such as email marketing, appropriate social media strategies and SEO. At Pint Sized Giants we are experts in all forms of digital marketing and can offer you support, whether you need it for content marketing or improving online visibility. To find out how we can benefit your company, contact us today.

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