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30 Sep 2016

How to really sell yourself with email marketing

How to really sell yourself with email marketing

How to really sell yourself with email marketing


The average adult receives hundreds of email a week – and that’s not counting the ones that go straight in the junk folder. The vast majority of these will sit unopened in a busy inbox, possibly even unnoticed. So it’s easy to understand people thinking that with all that working against you, what would be the point of email marketing? Easy to understand, but they would be wrong!

Like all marketing tools, email newsletters should be handled carefully by someone who knows what they are doing. The proliferation of drag and drop email newsletter platforms, and the massive jump in the use of social media, does tend to encourage the ‘just have a go, anyone can do this’ mentality, which is in part responsible for the amount of uninspiring emails cluttering up those inboxes. Here are a few tips to help you.

1. Get it right!

Do not send out emails with a scattershot approach; that’s the equivalent of standing in the high street yelling incoherently into a megaphone: “Did you know we’re brilliant?” Take the time to get them designed well, so that they have the look and feel of your business and so that they are recognisably you – after all, you don’t want to drum up business for your competitors, and an email might spark interest in what you sell but with the wrong supplier.

Get together a few designs that you are happy with, remember to include space for both copy and images. The emails need to look attractive but be informative. Once you have a couple of designs that you think work well, use those – most email platforms will offer you A/B testing functionality, where you send two different newsletters to each half of your contacts list and see which gets the better results. Listen to your customers – if it’s interesting, they’ll read it.

2. Make it stand out

With all those emails pinging into inboxes every day, there needs to be a reason for your contacts to open it. Display the company name clearly in the 'from' option. People won’t open something from a name they don’t recognise and will likely think it’s spam. Think about how you craft your subject line. You really have two options here, to go wild and wacky to pique some interest: "Where have all the rubber ducks gone?", or stick to functional but attractive information: "50% off baths for one day only". Whichever you pick, go with it – a watered down headline doesn’t work.

3. Get the timing right

Some companies send out emails with such tedious regularity that you don’t bother opening them as you know there’ll be another one along in a few days, there’ll always be a special offer on. Others send them out so infrequently that you’d totally forgotten what you liked about the company in the first place. You need to strike a balance; as with many sales tools, brand recognition is key so you need to keep in touch, but you certainly don’t want to fall into the auto-delete category!

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