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30 Sep 2016

Four features that are essential for your website

Four features that are essential for your website

Four features that are essential for your website



Here at Pint Sized Giants, we understand that creating the perfect website is about meeting your customers’ needs. Having the right set of features can really help you achieve this. As web design experts, we know exactly what elements today’s internet users expect from a website. We’d like to share our expertise on the subject with you, so we’ve come up with a selection of features that your site just can’t do without. Whatever type of business you run and whatever style of site you are building, you shouldn’t ignore these four features.

1. Ecommerce facilities

If your business sells products, you should ensure that your site has ecommerce facilities so that your customers can easily purchase items from you online. Allowing prospective customers to order directly from your site encourages them to make more purchases because it is more convenient than making the trip to a physical store. This convenience also engenders goodwill from your customers.

If you run a service-based business, your customers will expect to be able to use your site to find out if you can meet their needs and exactly how much they will pay for your services. Adding an automated form that allows customers to get a quote is the simplest way to enable them to do this. If visitors can get a quote easily, they are more likely to convert into customers.

2. An easy-to-use contact form

Ensuring that your customers feel that they can trust you is important for encouraging purchases and developing brand loyalty. Customers and prospective customers are generally more trusting of businesses that they can contact and interact with. Adding a simple contact form to your website can go a long way towards creating and nurturing a trusting relationship between you and your customers.

3. A blog

Blogs allow you to attract customer interest while positioning yourself as an authority on subjects related to your market sector. This is because you can use posts to discuss topics that are relevant to your business and its customers without directly promoting your products or services. They also give you the chance to frequently add fresh content to your site, which is great for SEO.

4. Feedback facilities

It is imperative that you give your customers a chance to offer feedback on your website. The simplest way to do this is by adding a comments section to key blog posts and web pages, but you can also add polls and similar features. Allowing customers to give feedback encourages discussion and therefore generates passion about your brand.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to develop or introduce any of these features - we can help. As web design experts, we’re always happy to help you create high-quality websites with features that will appeal to your customers.

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