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30 Sep 2016

Four benefits of creating a micro site for your marketing drive

Four benefits of creating a micro site for your marketing drive

Four benefits of creating a micro site for your marketing drive


The marketing manager's budget is increasingly stretched in multiple directions these days, pulled by costs such as public relations, SEO, events, advertising and business development. Anything that requires funding can immediately be treated with a degree of caution, but more marketing professionals are switching on to the ROI value of a micro site when putting together campaigns - and here's why:

1. Watch your pennies

Budgets can be the bane of a marketer's existence, but a micro site can actually save money in the long run. Rather than build a whole new site for a new promotion or product, requiring added costs both for creation and maintenance, a micro site is less expensive to set up and maintain. Look at it this way: if you need more storage room at home, isn't it cheaper to build a shed in the garden rather than go to the trouble of an extension?

2. Increase focus

If you are running a standalone marketing campaign, particularly for the launch of a new product or event, a micro site could be for you. You can focus all the attention on a particular item or theme, from the URL itself to the design and layout. Visitors will have a more streamlined, simpler experience on the site, rather than having their attention grabbed by other features.

3. Boost SEO

By creating a micro site entirely focused on one subject, naturally the keyword mix throughout the design will be more related to the content of the campaign itself. Similarly you can enrich your content further and increase your chances of a Google rankings boost by setting up a blog on the site which is rich in relevant keywords relating to the micro site's purpose.

4. Make it quick

A campaign is often required to be launched within hours of its conception and a micro site certainly fits with this objective, with professionals able to create a new address ready at short notice. Not having to work within the parameters of an existing website can be a blessing at this stage, giving the designers more freedom to get the job done in a tighter time frame.

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