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30 Sep 2016

How to avoid common micro site pitfalls

How to avoid common micro site pitfalls

How to avoid common micro site pitfalls


Micro sites are an essential part of doing business online. A well designed micro site can give you the flexibility to tailor a specific design aesthetic to a particular product or service without having to make big changes to your main site. Micro sites are a great way to drive awareness of a product or service, since they can focus exclusively on a particular campaign, without all of the links and menus that are necessary on the main site, and so can provide a stronger customer impact.

However, not all businesses are employing this useful tool correctly. The most common mistake is that the interface of the micro site is too distinct from the company’s original site, which can lead to customer confusion and even to problems in compatibility, depending on which device the customer is using.

Another problem can occur when a business fails to maintain the micro site that they spent a great deal of time devising and building. A site that is not maintained can soon begin to look shabby, and what was once an exciting marketing tool attracting customers and brand recognition can instead reflect badly on the business.

Fortunately these pitfalls can easily be avoided by contacting an experienced web design company to set up your micro site. They can maximise the design of your micro site to be focused on drawing customers to your product, while at the same time ensuring that there is a degree of continuity with your main site.

A reputable web design company should also maintain and manage your micro site, ensuring that it remains as dynamic and fresh as it was upon launching, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.

At Pint Sized Giants, we build high quality websites for a range of clients across many sectors. Thanks to our bespoke web management platform, we can offer a complete site construction and management service. We can set up your micro site, track your customer’s journey from the site and can configure it with dynamic pages which can help target your marketing campaign more effectively.

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