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30 Sep 2016

3 places to get inspired content

3 places to get inspired content

3 places to get inspired content


Content these days means pretty much any type of information, from emails, presentations and video to documents and the data buried in spreadsheets and other sources. While we can help craft some great content marketing for your site, company or service, a lot of it can come from your own resources, helping to create a better impression of what your business provides and how useful it can be.

1. Find helpful content from your business

Often, the most valuable content for prospects or existing customers is useful information. Everyone loves helpful advice, guidance, or a spot of insightful reading. If your company has helped solve a problem for one customer, or written a report, then spread the joy with a Q&A or help section on your site. The content can come from an offline help sheet or an email correspondence with a client, all you have to do is generalise it, and it can become a useful piece of evergreen content. Articles can be shared on your blog, social media and other avenues.

2. Use or create your own video content

Companies love to take video at their events and trade shows, and of new products they have to offer - all of this makes great content marketing material, as it allows people to see you and your products in action. If you have this content to hand, upload it to YouTube, or if you are attending events, start using Periscope or Facebook Live video to connect with your social media followers.

3. Leverage your industry news

Many businesses read news about their own market, vertical or industry and file it away. Instead of ignoring it, have an opinion on the news, comment on political or regulatory changes, write your own views on it. This will all help generate interest in who you are and what your company does, get you involved in online discussions on social media and help boost your company's profile. Writing analysis and expert pieces on the news for your industry will also have people coming to you for advice and seeking you out as a voice worth listening too, all of which helps market your company and raises its profile.

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