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30 Sep 2016

The changing face of social media marketing is improving ROI

The changing face of social media marketing is improving ROI

The changing face of social media marketing is improving ROI


More companies than ever are embracing social media marketing, with a new report finding that more than 75% of companies believe that social marketing has improved their overall growth and offered a substantial return on investment.

A report from Salesforce revealed that 77% of businesses have found that social marketing has offered greater returns, in comparison to just 31% in the previous study. 39% of respondents stated that they had noted a substantial growth in their returns from social media, an increase of 30% from the previous 12 month period. The increase in the number of businesses benefiting from social marketing demonstrates the increase in the number of people using such tactics to excel in the world of business.

The popularity of social media marketing, along with digital marketing tactics such as SEO, can further be seen by the fact that 67% of companies polled in the Salesforce report planned to increase their budget for social media to try and further improve sales and leads.

According to the study, business loyalty and brand awareness were some of the key attributes that companies believed were boosted by social marketing, with their content having more engagement when a solid social media strategy was in place. While the importance of social marketing is known by many, those who believed they were doing well and were satisfied with their social media marketing were 11 times more likely to underperform on social media than those who have developed a strategy to reach out to their audience and are continually trying to increase their engagement.

The changing nature of social marketing

Social media marketing is continually changing, with new platforms being developed and hosting being enhanced on current platforms. Almost 50% of businesses intend to increase their video offering as part of their content marketing and social media strategy.

With the development of Snapchat, Periscope and other new platforms, the importance of companies successfully utilising social media cannot be understated. While many reports have shown that more companies are opting to use social media, the development of new platforms offers an opportunity for businesses to stand out in different market areas. With new platforms comes new opportunity, and it is this that is helping companies to stand out from the crowd and improve their ROI.

When using social platforms, it is vital that your company uses channels that are effective and that increase the content you provide to the relevant audience. It is more effective to be successful on one or two social media platforms than to try and use all platforms halfheartedly.

At Pint Sized Giants, we can help businesses excel with their social media marketing and their overall digital presence regardless of size or experience. We offer expert advice on email marketing, content marketing, social marketing and other digital aspects of business, such as SEO. To find out how we can help your company stand out from the crowd and increase your overall online offering, get in touch with our team today.

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