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30 Sep 2016

Why content marketing doesn't end with SEO

Why content marketing doesn't end with SEO

Why content marketing doesn't end with SEO


There can often be so much emphasis put on driving traffic to a site that businesses forget their end goal. Occasionally, online businesses become so obsessed with getting to the top of search rankings that they forget that traffic alone does not keep them in business.

While performing well online is a fundamental aspect of modern day business, focussing purely on SEO and online growth can be a mistake. Regardless of performance, you still want to move potential customers from the top of your sales funnel through to becoming converted leads. To move customers through the sales funnel, it is vital that you have more to your arsenal than just a strong online performance. 

Create dedicated landing pages

There is no such thing as a general search online. SEO works best when potential leads search for specific content. For example, if a user finds you following a search for a “sports shop in Manchester”, they should be directed to a landing page about the services and goods you sell in the city. 

Although it can be tempting to make this page sales driven, it should instead offer proof of your expertise and services and align with the needs of potential customers. If your page is not relevant to the user, or if you have attempted to stuff keywords in to improve traffic, this will, in turn, damage your rankings. 

While many will read the information on your page and move on, others will be more tempted to take the next step, which could increase conversions. 

Don’t give everything away

While having more in-depth and dedicated landing pages is a great way to potentially boost conversions, it is imperative that users still have a reason to use your service. For example, a personal injury law firm in Glasgow may have many dedicated landing pages relating to their services and what types of accidents they cover. However, it is important that they don’t give away all their expert knowledge on their pages as it would make their service redundant to anyone who read their landing pages but needed legal advice. 

A consistent web design

Regardless of the type of high-quality content you have on your site, if your site is complicated or difficult to use or if it does not look professional, it could turn off potential leads. Build a website that is simple to use, has trust icons and customer references, and benefits the user overall. While this is not the most crucial aspect of converting leads, it can be one of the simplest things to solve.

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